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ANIKOM СO., LTD is the Russian manufacturer of geosynthetic materials and geomembrane since 2005.

The major business activities of ANIKOM СO., LTD are:

Geomembrane Production

Geomembrane (HDPE, LDPE) is from 0.3 to 3.0 mm thick and from 3 to 5 m wide.

 Our geomembrane has the following features:

  • total waterproofing qualities;
  • high mechanical damages resistibility;
  • working temperature range from – 60°C to +60°C;
  • high installation rate;
  • chemical resistance (pH 0,5 – 14) ;
  • nontoxicity.

Sale of Welding Machines for Polymeric Membranes
Welding machines are used for welding of LDPE-, HDPE-, PVC-, PP- and PE-geomembranes, that are 0.3-3.0 mm thick.
We sell each welding machine with warranty, under which you can get free warranty repair of the equipment purchased. Each machine is supplied with a set of consumable spare parts. If you need an additional set of consumables, you can always order it at our company. The warranty period for all the equipment is 12 months.

The success of our company directly depends on usage of high quality raw materials, continuous control and perfect performance. ANIKOM СO., LTD always watches over geosynthetic materials market, studies the possibilities of the Russian and foreign competitors, exchanges experiences with other companies and takes part in exhibitions and conferences. It promotes the development of our company and offers new solutions of your tasks.
ANIKOM СO., LTD takes one of the leading positions in the sphere of waterproof materials production and installation. The shipment is made by all means of transport. All products are certified.
We would like to see you among our customers!

Address: Baburkina 11A, Barnaul, Altai Region, Russia, 656064.
Tel/Fax.:+7 3852 462589

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